Cafe Jungle, Ringland Lane, Old Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 5BG. T : 01603 857196 - F : 0709 2366869

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Opening times : 1st November - 31st March 10am-3:30pm, 1st April - 31st October 10am-4:30pm every day, including Bank Holidays.

Cafe Jungle is a 100% gluten-free cafe located in a tropical glasshouse at the fabulous urban jungle Plant Nursery in Old Costessey near Norwich. Comfortable sofas, tables and chairs are totally embraced by exuberant leafy plants – it really is a café in a jungle!

Our ethos is to serve beautiful, simple food made with quality gluten-free ingredients from suppliers who are passionate about animal welfare and the environment. We use organic milk and butter and we recycle everything. Even the cafe itself is built from recycled and upcycled materials.
There are many ways to enjoy Cafe Jungle - a quality coffee, a light lunch or a fabulous indulgent afternoon tea (please book in advance for afternoon tea). We don’t have a license but you are welcome to bring a bottle of your own to enjoy with your food and we’ll charge a small corkage fee.
No garden centre, canteen-style queuing with a tray at Cafe Jungle. Sit back and relax and we’ll serve you at the table.

Hot Beverages

cafe jungle coffee
We use only the finest single estate beans, freshly ground and served to you in a cafetiere. Our loose-leaf teas range from traditional English Breakfast to spicy, exotic seasonal blends. Hot chocolate should be an indulgence so we make ours with creamy full fat Jersey milk, dark chocolate, a little sugar, and nothing else.

Cakes & Pastries

cafe jungle cakes
A great selection of sweet treats available including Yoghurt, white chocolate and strawberry sponge cake, Chocolate fudge cake, Pecan Pie, Tarte au citron. In autumn & winter we usually prepare a hot dessert daily including traditional favourites like Bread and Butter Pudding and Apple Crumble (all Gluten-Free of course).


cafe jungle food
Stuffed mushrooms, Voakes award winning pies, Quiche and a selection of toasted sandwiches with a range of fillings including Camembert and Cranberry, Pastrami, Chedder Cheese & Red Onion Marmalade and Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto. Hearty, warming, homemade soup (seasonal) served with homemade bread & butter.

Tropical Plants

Leather Sofas
Cafe Jungle is quite unlike any other cafe you’ve ever been to. The food is very traditional, honest, tasty and wholesome but the surroundings filled with luxuriant plants will whisk you away to the tropics. Urban Jungle nursery caters for a wide variety of gardening tastes with exotics through to old-fashioned favourites.


After a session of browsing the enormous selection of plants for sale in the Urban Jungle nursery you may have worked up an appetite for lunch. Perhaps a bowl of Homemade Soup (seasonal), followed by a Whole Baked Camembert with Cranberry, finishing with a beautiful cake or dessert of the day.

Table Service

cafe jungle Table Service
If your experience of garden centre cafes is queuing with a tray at a canteen-like counter, you’re in for a pleasant surprise at Cafe Jungle. Place your order, sit back and relax and let us look after you. In the summer, sit in the sun at our giant outdoor sharing table for 16, chat to your fellow diners, eat, drink and make friends.

Menu Example

Toasted Sandwich

Toasted Sandwich




cafe jungle Savouries


cafe jungle Smoothies




brownies and tarts






Toasted sandwiches - £5.95
Served with a Side Salad
  • Ham & Chedder Cheese
  • Mozzarella, Tomato & Pesto
  • Tuna, Chedder Cheese & Tomato
  • Camembert & Cranberry Sauce
  • Pastrami, Chedder Cheese & Caramelized Red Onion Marmalade
Quiche - £7.95
Served Hot with Cold New Potatoes, Salad & Mayonnaise

  • Smoked Salmon & Asparagus
  • Bacon, Cheese & Tomato
  • Italian Cheese, Red Pepper, Red Onion & Rosemary
Voakes Pies
Award winning pies produced with pork from Voakes own reared stock.

Pork, Chicken and Stuffing Pie - £8.95
Served Hot with Cold New Potatoes, Salad & Mayonnaise

Whole Baked Camembert with Cranberry - £8.95

Served with Toast. Ideal for sharing.
Stuffed Mushrooms - £7.95
Served with Salad

  • Chorizo, Cheddar and Red Onion.
Soup of the Day - £5.95
Served with Lightly Toasted Bread & Butter

Selection of Cakes & Pastries - £3.10-£3.50


Strawberry & White Chocolate Cake
Victoria sandwich

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Caramel Shortcake - £2.60

A Selection of Tarts


Chocolate Brownie - £3.10
Hot Desserts Served Daily - £4.95
Example: Bread & Butter Pudding with Cream


Coffee - Freshly Ground, Single Estate Coffee Beans
Served in a cafetiere with cream, organic hot frothy milk or cold milk.
Cafetiere for 1 - £3.40
Cafetiere for 2 - £5.90

Add a shot of syrup - £0.50

  • Vanilla ♦ Caramel ♦ Hazelnut

  • ETHIOPIA - Rocko Mountain - Florally intense with hints of chocolate & orange starburst.
  • BRAZIL - Fazenda Caixetas - A blended sweetness with cocoa, plum & cascara.
  • COLUMBIA - Augustino Forest - Refreshingly clean & complex, citrus notes, butter caramel & sweet orange.
  • GUATEMALA - Santa Lucia - Sweet full bodied, milk chocolate & orange flavours with almond & raison notes.
  • COLUMBIA - Excelso Decaf - Swiss water, 100% chemical free decaffeination process.

Wilkinson's loose leaf tea.
Pot for 1 - £2.30
Pot for 2 - £4.20

  • English Breakfast - A blend of the finest Assam, Kenya & Ceylon teas.
  • Earl Grey - Jasmine & pure oil of Bergamot, best drunk black.

Wilkinson's speciality teas.
Pot for 1 - £2.70
Pot for 2 - £5.10

  • Bengal Ginger - Tigers brew! Rich, malty and full strength, infused with glowing ginger.
  • Winter Blend - Black tea with citrus, walnut, cloves & almond oil flavours.
  • Darjeeling Pandam - Mellow & smooth with fine tones of muscat.
  • Gunpowder Green - A balanced & smooth tasting green tea.
  • Manyo Sencha - Pure green China tea. Strong & deliciously mango scented.
  • Ceylon Bop - Full bodied flavour, golden & coppery in the cup.
  • Peppermint - Peppermint leaf. A refreshing & delightful taste.

Hot Chocolate - £3.60
Plain, mint, hazelnut or mocha served with marshmallow.
Creamy Jersey milk & melted chocolate.

cafe jungle hot chocolate

Smoothies - £3.25 (Seasonal)
  • Mango ♦ Raspberry ♦ Strawberry

Indian Lassi - £3.50 (Seasonal)
Traditional: with Rosewater & Cardamom.
  • Blueberry ♦ Ginger ♦ Strawberry

Cold drinks available.

Afternoon Tea in the Jungle

Our afternoon tea is rather special and you need to arrive VERY hungry. A selection of delicious sandwiches and savoury pastries, cakes and tarts, and of course scones with clotted cream and jam. All gluten free and made from the finest quality ingredients. Served with your choice of tea or coffee (unlimited supply).
Nut and dairy free options available.
£16.50 per person.
Please book at least a day in advance by calling 01603 857196 or use or use the Contact Form.

Table signs in the Jungle When you place your order you will be given one of our beautiful hand painted animals to take to your table so we can find you in the jungle. Don't be alarmed to hear us shouting "Table of chimps!" on a busy day! Designed by our very own Kate; we are incredibly lucky to have such a talented bunch here.
Afternoon Tea in the Jungle

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T : 01603 857196

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